Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IP Binding

IP Binding

IP Binding specifies from which IP addresses the System Management Homepage accepts requests from and provides control over which nets and subnets requests are processed. Administrators can configure the System Management Homepage to only bind to addresses specified in the IP Binding page. A maximum of five subnet IP addresses and Netmasks can be defined. An IP address on the server is bound if it matches one of the entered IP Binding addresses after the mask is applied.

NOTE: The System Management Homepage always binds to If IP Binding is enabled and no subnet/mask pairs are configured, then the System Management Homepage is only available to If IP Binding is not enabled, you bind to all addresses.

To configure IP Binding:

  1. Click Settings->System Management Homepage->Security.
  2. Click IP Binding. The IP Binding page appears.
  3. Select IP Binding to enable IP binding.
  4. Enter the IP address.
  5. Enter the Netmask.
  6. Click Save Configuration to save the current configurations, or click Reset Values to cancel all changes. If Save Configuration is clicked, the following message appears:

On IA-32/AphaServer platforms:

Setting this value requires restarting the System Management Homepage
which may require you to log in again.

On Itanium platforms:

New SMH settings will not take effect until you restart the SMH service.

  1. Click OK.

  • Each IP address and Netmask must to consist of four octets with values between 0 and 255 (the same for each netmask).
  • Netmasks must start with a 1 in the highest bit and continue with all 1s until they switch to all 0s, for example:,,